Beach Safety


We want you to have a great time while on the Oregon Coast, and that means staying safe.

Watch our video for a few tips on safety and stewardship.

Surf and Water Safety

Pick up a Tide Table, available at most businesses, or refer to this NOAA website for Pacific City and Nestucca Bay areas. Tides can be strong, and things can go wrong quickly if you’re not aware of ways to protect yourself. Here’s a visual guide to surf and water safety, including rip currents and how to escape them.

King Tides

King Tides are a wonder of nature, but must be experienced from a safe distance. They happen in December and January, and can quickly turn dangerous if you are too close to shore.

Driving on the Beach

You can drive on the beach at Tierra del Mar, but be very aware of incoming tides. Many cars get stuck as waves come in and trap the vehicle. Please don’t drive near people or animals. And speeding is dangerous. It’s also not wise to take any car on the beach that does not have four-wheel drive. (Photo credit: Hugh McKenna & Marilyn Gilbaugh

car stuck on beach

Obey Signage

If you see a sign that says “trail closed,” “don’t go beyond this point” or “no access” take it seriously. This is especially true of the dune at Cape Kiwanda. Past the fence, just beyond the top of the dune, are soft sandstone cliffs that can easily break away, taking you with it. Sadly, that has happened. Stay safe.

Dory Boat Launch Area

Cape Kiwanda beach access has a paved lane designated for dory boats, trailers and trucks. The beach just beyond the dory boat lane is where the boats launch and return to shore at high speed. If you are surfing, or even walking on the beach in that area, keep your eyes peeled for outgoing and incoming boats. The captains can’t always see you, but you can see them.